Sperm Selection


Because we select with care

Cost-saving, fast, fully autonomous, objective, and accurate

Classic IVF

Classic IVF

Sperm cells compete to fertilize the egg – Natural selection

Normal birth defects
Low success rate
In ~80% of current IVF –

In ~80% of current IVF –

Random sperm cell is injected into the egg (ICSI) to ensure penetration

Higher birth defects
Moderate success rate

Sperm Selection at High Magnification –

Detailed evaluation of sperm cell morphology and motility

Normal birth defects
Higher success rate

Why Select Best Sperm for IVF?

Higher fertilization rate

Sperm quality is a critical factor for embryo development to blastocyst stage

Higher pregnancy and birth rates

Decrease birth defects

The spermatozoon delivers a novel epigenetic signature to the egg (Miller et al, 2010)

Results According to Injected Sperm

Results According to Injected Sperm

The benefit of high magnification

High magnification shows morphological defects, which correlate with low success rate and birth defects.

Standard magnification

At standard magnification no morphological details can be shown.

High magnification

At high magnification morphological defects are clearly shown. Avoiding cells with such defects leads to higher IVF success rate & lower birth defects.

High magnification shows morphological defects