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AI and robotics-based autonomous sperm selection for IVF

BAIBYS’ autonomous sperm selection solution for In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is designed to analyze living sperm cells in real-time using Machine Vision (MV) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

BAIBYS’ system evaluates the cells according to morphological criteria, which can only be identified using high magnification.

The system recognizes structures in motion in order to evaluate the quality of living sperm cells according to previously established criteria using state-of-the-art AI algorithms.

It then autonomously selects and collects the sperm with the highest fertilization potential to microinject into the egg in IVF procedures.

BAIBYS’ autonomous system addresses the two major factors that currently limit wide adoption of sperm selection

Time reduction

BAIBYS’ system dramatically reduces the time required for the sperm selection process at high magnification, thus significantly increasing the throughput of the fertilization clinic.


As BAIBYS’ solution is designed to optimize sperm selection according to pre-defined, peer-reviewed criteria; it may standardize the selection process for fertilization clinics based on objective criteria.

BAIBYS’ system minimizes the time and cost of the sperm selection process, while maximizing its quality, thus improving the fertilization rate, pregnancy rate, and most importantly, the rate of healthy babies.

In addition, the shorter and autonomous process is expected to enable a far larger portion of clinics to adopt autonomous sperm selection and to establish it as the standard of care.

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